At WDS we help our clients to build more effective customer service strategies; Protect profitability and preserve loyalty by helping customers to buy, use and maintain their connected products and services.

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Why work with WDS?

By combining multi-channel knowledge management, automation and analytics, WDS addresses the three key customer service challenges facing today’s wireless brands.

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Today’s customers “hop” between a variety of retail and service channels; from a contact centre to social media. If the processes and knowledge that drive these customer interactions are inconsistent then customer satisfaction will suffer.

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Cost Control

The cost to serve is increasing. On average, brands employ one Customer Service Representative for every 1500-2000 customers and in many markets the cost of supporting a single customer can consume 5% of their monthly ARPU (Average Revenue Per User).

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Customer Satisfaction

Customers don’t like problems, but when they do experience an issue they expect a fast, professional resolution. A customer who is highly satisfied with a support interaction is much more likely to be retained and is also more likely to become a brand advocate.

Key benefits that we offer

Our powerful online tools are bringing tangible benefits to our clients and their customers, increasing customer satisfaction while driving down costs – and keeping them down.


Call Deflection

Giving customers accurate and informative self-service help will cut call centre demand and so cut costs while boosting customer satisfaction.

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Improve AHT

Better information for customer-facing staff means quicker resolutions for customers, so reducing average handling times and increasing cost efficiencies.


Reduce NFF

Providing fast, accurate and efficient troubleshooting capabilities will help to increase customer delight and so reduce the volume of no fault found device returns.


Increase NPS

Improving your customers’ experience will also boost their overall levels of satisfaction. This, in turn, will pay dividends when it comes to Net Promoter Scores.

Self-service support

Providing reliable, consistent online care across multiple channels will help your customers to find answers to their questions quickly and easily. As well as ensuring customer delight, reliable self-service support will also help to drive down other support costs.

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Retail support

Our powerful tools provide support for in-store device sales and walk-in device triage, ensuring that every member of your team has the answers at their fingertips, so your customers are never left waiting.

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Agent support

When it comes to call-centre support, it’s all about time. Our cloud-based tools are designed to surface the knowledge that customer care agents require to deliver great support, first time and every time.

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