AI in customer service: is your company a spectator or part of the show?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping the customer service field, transforming its activities and processes, and enhancing the customer experience.

So, what is AI?

AI is the intelligence demonstrated by machines when performing complex tasks associated with intelligent beings. The main purpose of AI systems is to perform functions that, if a human being were to perform, would be considered intelligent.

The old mantra “the customer always comes first” is more relevant now than ever before, and that is one of the reasons that the use of AI for customer service is on the rise.

But is your company leveraging its advantages? Today, we let you know the top 5 benefits of AI in customer service:

Key benefits of AI in customer service:

1. Effective omnichannel presence

With companies being present of companies in multiple channels, consumers can now interact in their preferred way, whether by phone, email, social media, or other platforms.

AI adds a new communication channel through chatbots, which offer customer support using NLP (Natural Language Processing) to process and understand customer messages and questions (or to respond with the most accurate information).

However, more communication channels also mean more data to collect and organize. Artificial Intelligence can easily and quickly collect and process this data from multiple sources. AI also allows the presentation of this data on a single platform. This way, the files related to each customer and all their interactions are centralized, allowing better customer service when considering all the communications made by the client.

2. Handles large volumes of data

As we’ve seen before, an increase in the number of available channels and interactions leads to a greater amount of data about these same interactions.

However, this amount of data would be useless without the use of AI, since Humans do not have the ability to process so much data, turning AI into a powerful tool.

Processing this data allows us to obtain powerful insights and predict consumer behavior, which allows us to solve many issues and even create segmented campaigns (which brings us to our next point).

3. Customized offers

Customization is nowadays a customer demand, and this can happen at different levels, from personalized emails to information used by chatbots and customer support agents to improve their interactions and make them more personal.

Also, combining demographics of potential customers with psychological profiles created through behavioral research allows brands to communicate in a targeted way, which persuades consumers and drives them to act.

4. Available 24/7

With so many ways to interact with customer service areas, companies now need to ensure high availability to provide support, particularly in global companies with customers from all over the world in different time zones.

AI makes sure you are connected 24/7. Chatbots have no time limits and can respond through self-directed knowledgebase queries, even when live agents are offline.

5. Optimization of resources

AI can replace the human agent in small, simple tasks, allowing him to focus on more complex tasks, such as complaints or complicated requests, contributing to the optimization of the company’s resources.