How to supercharge your Customer Experience using the Collab & WDS ecosystem

Recently we announced the strategic partnership between Collab & WDS. The webinar was held on June 21st and we presented our new combined ecosystem and how it supercharges the customer experience, using the telco industry as an example.

Webinar: How to supercharge your Customer Experience using the Collab & WDS ecosystem.

Webinar Date: June 21st 2022

Webinar Time: 2:30pm British Summer Time (BST)

What we covered:
  • How to empower your agents to be effective from day one
  • Reduce the impact of call center staff attrition
  • How to prevent problems before they become new cases

About the hosts

Andy Sweetman, Chief Technology Officer, has over 20 years experience in the software industry working across a wide range of verticals. His focus is on digtising the customer experience with a demonstrable return on investment for WDS customers.

Sachie Bristow, Chief Product Officer, enjoys collaborating with customers to help identify key pain points in the customer journey and delivering change. Sachie draws on the experience of leading call centre teams to understand the challenges faced by clients today.

Carlos Vasconcelos, whose passion for communicating tech is paired with a deep understanding of market evolution. He is the former VP of marketing of Collab, now CMO of Lumine Group, and has an engineering background too, which has been critical to shape this webinar.

Watch on demand:

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