Knowledge-as-a-Service: how to revolutionize CX with ready to use bots

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Bots propel many benefits for customer service and customers love them. There’s a challenge most companies face:how can we feed the bot the knowledge it needs to reply to customers? Furthermore, how can we use the knowledge to boost efficiency in contact centers? This webinar will disclose why and how to enable Knowledge as a Service in your contact center.

Webinar: Knowledge-as-Service: How to revolutionize CX with ready to use bots

Date: April 20th 

Time: 14:30 GMT 0 (Lisbon/ London) 

You’ll learn:

  • WDS Knowledge-base possibilities for TELCOS
  • Strategies to merge bots and knowledge
  • Pre – build enquiries in action
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One of the goals of the webinar is to present BotExperta solution that merges Collab’s technology with a knowledge base for telecoms from WDS, a partner company with expertise in device knowledge and intelligence. The result is a powerful tool to deliver self-service and ready-to-use bot solutions for customers.

About the hosts

Merging bots and knowledge has numerous benefits. To present them to you there’s no better speakers than Andy and Carlos. For Andy Sweetman, CTO of WDS, bots are fascinating and can be a game changer for CX. His professional experience on innovation and tech companies gives him unique and fresh views on bot possibilities. Carlos Vasconcelos passion for communicating tech is paired with a deep understanding of market evolution. He is the VP of marketing of Collab and has engineering background too, which has been critical to shape Expert Agent and this webinar. Register today to save your seat!

Andy Sweetman
Carlos Vasconcelos