OnlineCare Express: Cost Effective Self-Care Solution

WDS Mobile have launched the OnlineCare Express solution to provide regional mobile operators, MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) and small device manufacturers with a cost-effective and immediate online self-care solution.

The managed OnlineCare solution helps mobile operator brands keep pace with new device launches and reduce the number of customer support calls by up to 40 percent.

Many mobile operator brands service small communities of users – in some cases less than three million customers – so support resources can be strained and costly to deliver. OnlineCare Express has been specifically designed to meet this challenge and can be deployed within days with minimal resources required and no disruption.

OnlineCare Express delivers online support to a wireless brand’s customers, allowing them to quickly resolve common issues and configure their device for data and messaging services. Based on technology that WDS has already deployed into many of the world’s largest mobile networks, the knowledge service package has been designed specifically for smaller mobile operator brands that require a cost-effective solution to customer support.

“OnlineCare is one of the most popular ways for customers to seek support; 90 percent of consumers expect an online portal for customer service. Unfortunately, over half of consumers say that the main reason they cannot resolve an issue on their own is because there is too little information online,” explains Sachie Bristow, General Manager at WDS Mobile.

OnlineCare Express is a fully managed service and is updated regularly with new devices and support content. For brands that offer SIM-Only tariffs (a type of service subscription that is completely separate from the consumer’s device), this ensures support for the largest spread of devices possible through an online support channel, in turn reducing the number of phone calls coming into the contact centres.

“Servicing a customer online is one hundredth of the cost of answering a telephone call, so that’s a huge potential saving that’s being missed. Our OnlineCare deployments can reduce call volumes for some customers by as much as 40 percent. By providing great customer support this can also help reduce customer churn as 67 percent is preventable if issues are resolved the first time they occur.” adds Sachie.

OnlineCare Express comprises multi-media simulators, set-up guides, tutorials, over-the-air configuration (APN and email), specifications, diagnostics and step-by-step fixes.  It is built and priced exclusively for regional mobile operators, MVNOs and small device manufacturers and available from January 2020.

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