intelligent knowledge base

Intelligent Knowledge Base, the next frontier in Customer Service

A positive customer experience is all about keeping customers happy. Creating an intelligent knowledge base will allow you to answer a lot of questions before customers even ask or give them the chance of solving their issues without reaching for help. Easy access to useful resources to find quick answers is today more valued than […]

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AI in customer service

AI in customer service: is your company a spectator or part of the show?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping the customer service field, transforming its activities and processes, and enhancing the customer experience. So, what is AI? AI is the intelligence demonstrated by machines when performing complex tasks associated with intelligent beings. The main purpose of AI systems is to perform functions that, if a human being were to […]

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Learn how device detection can help telecommunication companies

Why is device information so important to network operators?

With operators and subscribers adopting a digital-first mindset, we are experiencing a fundamental shift in customers’ expectations. To meet this challenge, operators are increasingly looking for ways to ensure a seamless experience for their customers through tailored interactions. To enable this, operators need a deep understanding of the devices adopted by their subscribers. DeviceMine from […]

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Telkom: How Telcos have adapted to the pandemic and the role of WDS in supporting the customer journey

An interview with Gavin Eagles, Service Operations Executive, Telkom Telkom SA serve a large range of business and residential customers, and have all the key components of true convergence, enabling them to offer integrated voice, data, fixed, mobile, IT and data centre solutions. The partnership between Telkom and WDS has been in place for over […]

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Why You Should Be Using DeviceMine

To create the best experience for all users interacting with your business, it’s important to identify which devices are being used and how best to interact with them. Effective device detection and identification is the first step towards meeting this challenge. Introducing DeviceMine DeviceMine helps you identify and understand the devices connected to your network, […]

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Knowledge-as-a-Service: how to revolutionize CX with ready to use bots

This webinar introduces the benefits of allying bots and knowledge.  It draws on Collabs technology and on WDS expertise in device knowledge and intelligence and presents an amazing opportunity to deliver self-service and ready-to-use bot solutions for customers.

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Lumine Group

Volaris Group Introduces Lumine Group to Focus on Communications & Media Business

Volaris Group (“Volaris”) announced Lumine Group (“Lumine”) a new brand for its Communications & Media Portfolio. Lumine will build on Volaris’ success in the communications and media vertical. “Lumine’s vision is to create a global ecosystem to help accelerate the growth and internationalization of communications and media software businesses,” says David Nyland, President of Lumine Group. “Businesses can leverage global resources including […]

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COVID-19, WDS Mobile and You

We hope this message finds you and your colleagues, family and friends, well. I know this is a difficult time for everyone right now, and with these rapidly changing and uncertain times around COVID19, all teams are bracing for impact, as well as re-visiting plans to identify any possible effects.

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OnlineCare Express: Cost Effective Self-Care Solution

WDS Mobile have launched the OnlineCare Express solution to provide regional mobile operators, MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) and small device manufacturers with a cost-effective and immediate online self-care solution.

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Meet WDS Mobile at Mobile World Congress 2020 – Updated

WDS will be at MWC2020 – book a meeting with one of our experts and discover how we can help you improve customer delight while also reducing costs.

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