Knowledge-as-a-Service: how to revolutionize CX with ready to use bots

This webinar introduces the benefits of allying bots and knowledge.  It draws on Collabs technology and on WDS expertise in device knowledge and intelligence and presents an amazing opportunity to deliver self-service and ready-to-use bot solutions for customers.

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Lumine Group

Volaris Group Introduces Lumine Group to Focus on Communications & Media Business

Volaris Group (“Volaris”) announced Lumine Group (“Lumine”) a new brand for its Communications & Media Portfolio. Lumine will build on Volaris’ success in the communications and media vertical. “Lumine’s vision is to create a global ecosystem to help accelerate the growth and internationalization of communications and media software businesses,” says David Nyland, President of Lumine Group. “Businesses can leverage global resources including […]

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