The Reshaping Power of Device Entitlement in the Realm of Smartwatches 

Device Entitlement Server

A driving force for innovation in smartwatches 

Smartwatches are much more than just timepieces. They let us do many things on our wrists, from tracking our fitness to controlling our smarthomes. But there is another factor that is shaping the smartwatch industry: device entitlement. In this article, we will explore how device entitlement affects the way people use smartwatches and how networks can enhance customer satisfaction and generate new income streams with these wearable gadgets. 

First things first: What Is Device Entitlement? 

Device entitlement is the way of granting or restricting access to certain features, services, or functions on a device. It ensures that users have the necessary rights or permissions to use specific capabilities based on their entitlement status. For example, device entitlement enables smartwatches to activate custom features, such as connecting with smartphones, so that users can take calls on their watches without needing the phone nearby. But device entitlement goes beyond this connection between smartphone and smartwatch. It also covers the entitlement of all Internet Multimedia Services. Such as: 

  • VoLTE 
  • ViLTE 
  • VoWiFi 
  • One Number Tethering Dynamic 
  • Preferred Roaming Selection
  • One-click Account Transfer (soon)  

Why go with WDS-Sicap Device Entitlement Server? 

Communication Service Providers always anticipate their customers’ demands. At WDS-Sicap, we go even further, ensuring that our solutions support the next generation of network requirements. That is what our DES solution does: it stays ahead of the curve, so that CSPs are prepared to meet their customers’ future needs. You can get our eBook on DES here and discover everything about this solution, or keep reading to see how DES can boost your business profitability: 

  • Reduce Costs: Cloud-native approach allows easy access to technology 
  • Boost VoLTE Adoption: Offers the fastest system to manage next generation services 
  • Grow subscriptions and upsell companion devices: Attract subscribers and increase subscriptions by enabling seamless connectivity across all their companion devices such as the Apple Watch and Samsung Watch. 
  • Great reliability: The platform is deployed in a high speed/high availability environment, so continual updates are available for the latest devices 

Device Entitlement: The future awaits you 

WDS-Sicap Device Entitlement Server is your gateway to the future. Give your subscribers the freedom and flexibility to enjoy their devices in new ways.