WDS Mobile joins forces with Collab to boost Telco customer experience

WDS Mobile is excited to announce the strategic go-to-market integration with Collab, which creates immediate opportunities that provide a wider product portfolio.

wds and collab integration

Collab is a Contact Center Software company with a strong heritage of innovation. It has been providing award-winning platforms to businesses of all sizes around the world for 15+ years. Its portfolio includes OneContact CC, OneContact WFO and OneContact Gamification and Artificial Intelligence powered modules.

The new combined ecosystem (WDS & Collab) will boost interaction automation & artificial intelligence capabilities, helping you understand and unlock the value of your customers.  WDS & Collab are Lumine Group “sister” companies, part of the Customer Management Group.

This is an important milestone for WDS & Collab, but most specially to you, our Valued Customer and Business Partner ecosystem, with exciting new times ahead.

Watch our video to learn more.