Our focus is on delivering the best possible knowledge base for your customer service teams, all the way from front-line sales through to call centre and online care. Our suite of multi-channel knowledge management, product intelligence, consulting and mobile device management solutions help wireless brands deliver a more effective customer experience while keeping firm control of costs.

Key issues within the industry

Even the slightest deficiency or knowledge gap during a support interaction can damage customer satisfaction and even the lifetime value of a customer; driving product returns or service cancellations, increasing support traffic to a contact centre or eroding customer loyalty beyond repair. With customers now interacting over multiple channels, from a store visit to a tweet, the challenge is greater than ever before.


Customers fail through self-service

Ensuring that customers can find the answers they search for will help to reduce the reliance on call centre support.


Call types typically not represented

If your self-service offering is easy to use and comprehensive in scope, customers will have less need to rely on call centres.


Call volume driven by self-service failure

Providing reliable and accurate help via multiple online channels can reduce call centre volume by as much as 20%.

Embracing opportunities

Our clients benefit from improved cost efficiency, cost containment and sales performance as well as enhancing brand engagement to drive a more connected, consistent and profitable customer experience.

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Consistent Content

Delivery of consistent content across all channels ensure that customers receive the right information, however they choose to seek it out.

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Answering Questions

Knowledge is power. Delivering knowledge quickly and easily to your customers will empower them and increase customer retention.

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Choice of Channels

There are so many channels available to today’s customers — we’ll ensure consistency and accuracy across all of them, all of the time.

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Great Customer Experience

Providing solutions quickly and easily will result in happy customers who are more likely to remain loyal to your brand.

Powerful solutions for great results

We are experts at delivering end-to-end integrated device knowledge solutions. We offer a suite of highly-focused solutions that can be taken individually or combined, all of which will deliver huge benefits to your business, both in terms of cost savings, customer satisfaction and retention.

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Knowledge Management

Delivering the best possible knowledge base for your customer service teams, We provide a fully managed service, delivering up-to-date and relevent omni-channel knowledge management

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DeviceMine can identify and understand the capabilities of the equipment connecting to your network, from a database containing thousands of devices, each with up to 500 data points.

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Professional Services

Our team of experts in care, data science and software engineering can assist with any requirement you have, including audits in care operations, custom reporting and bespoke software solutions.

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Person Testing Devices

Testing as a Service

Our test engineers have knowledge of designing test plans, conducting functional testing, providing iterative feedback and detailed test results. A device testing service that can replace or enhance an internal testing team.

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The BotExpert is a Knowledge as a Service solution that merges Collab’s contact center technology with WDS knowledge-base. Our bots provide automatic troubleshooting and support for your customer’s questions.

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Device Entitlement

Device Entitlement Server (DES) manages the entitlement of IMS services such as VoLTE, ViLTE, VoWiFi, One Number Tethering Dynamic, Preferred Roaming Selection and orchestrates next-gen eSIM enabled wearable pairing.

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Device Management

Device Management Centre combines automatic device detection, device configuration and management functionalities to deliver OTA settings in real-time.

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Equipment Identity Register (EIR) reduces the value of stolen devices by blocking Lost/stolen/malfunctioning devices, block devices with invalid TAC

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Safer provides the intelligence to capture data and display on a detailed map, enabling mobile service providers to cost-efficiently conform to security requirements.

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Campaign Manager


TargetMe enables rapid rule based correlation of subscribers data and device data from multiple sources for accurate identification of target segments.

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USSD Menu Browser

Boost revenue opportunities. Start capitalizing on free space with low-cost and high-reach adverts displayed while subscribers navigate through the USSD menu.

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