AgentExpert provides up-to-date knowledge to customer care agents in an easy to use, clear format. It delivers consistent, accurate and effective support, first time and every time. It will help to improve your stats for First Call Resolution (FCR) and Average Handling Time (AHT). It will reduce your training overheads, improve staff performance and reduce staff churn.

Why use AgentExpert?

Ensuring that call centre operators have reliable, accurate information at their command is key to a successful call outcome.  AgentExpert is a cloud-based tool designed to surface the knowledge needed to deliver accurate and effective support, turning anyone on the support team into an expert. As a result, customer issues are resolved quickly, with less time spent on triaging the issues.

Agent Expert will analyse your customer care environment to ensure content is available that is relevant to the questions being asked about the devices in your market:

“How do I get my email on my new device?”

“Why isn’t my Wifi working?”

“How can I view this month’s bill?”

That’s right, we can even help with your billing enquiries!

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Reduce Customer Churn

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Improve Customer Satisfaction


Reduce Support Costs

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Increase Product Knowledge

Key benefits:

AgentExpert offers full support for process, product and campaign knowledge on fixed line, mobile, tablets, wearable tech and much more. The benefits of using Agent Expert are many — here are some of the key reasons to implement it:



Continuous analysis of questions your customers are asking to ensure the answer is always available



Personalised, responsive device guides to deliver the optimal branded customer experience



Two-way feedback loop between agent and knowledge team ensures continual updates


Device Intelligence

Detailed information on specifications and capabilities of all devices


Virtual Device

Simulations of the User Interface with Freeroam interactive guides



Tested, validated support content with a SLA to ensure the correct answers are always available

Features & Advantages

Features Advantages
Improvements to key target metrics
  • Average handling time (-AHT)
  • Time to competence (-TTC)
  • Call transfers / Call containment
  • First call resolution (+FCR)
  • Next call prevention (+NCP)
  • Customer satisfaction (+CST)
  • Employee satisfaction (+ESAT)
Knowledge types Device knowledge:

  • How to guides
  • Walkthrough guides
  • FAQs
  • Device specifications
  • Troubleshooting guides
  • Decision flows
  • Known issues
  • Virtual device

Non-Device Knowledge:

  • Processes
  • Campaigns
  • Promotions
  • Billing
Analytics & Insight
  • Web based dashboard for management information and insight
  • Analysts focused on identifying emerging or trending customer experience issues
Underpinned by Knowledge Management Process
  • Proactive knowledge production ensuring availability at first contact
  • Evergreen knowledge management throughout device and service lifecycle to maintain relevance

Want to know more about AgentExpert?

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