Knowledge at your fingertips 

Give customers the info they need when they need it.

With BotExpert, your bots are ready to roll! 

Our bots provide automatic troubleshooting and support for your customer’s questions. The wi-fi is not working? How much data do I have left? Where can I change my background? All these can be replied to within seconds using BotExpert.

In addition,  BotExpert is connected to the contact center to unleash CX cohesion and efficiency.



Why use BotExpert?

The BotExpert is a Knowledge as a Service solution that merges Collab’s contact center technology with WDS knowledge-base.  Thanks to the complete and up-to-date knowledge hosted by WDS, you don’t have to worry about the risks and configurations of building intelligence. Everything is ready to use to provide self-service customer support.

Agent Motivation

Frees your agents from repetitive questions, boosting productivity

Customer Effort Scores

Less effort and more satisfaction thanks to 24/7 support

Cost Reductions

Automation saves on human resources for customer support

Reduce Agent Training

All the context & knowledge in one interface

Propelling efficiency in the Contact Center

Orchestrate customer support excellence from your contact center 

OneContact Agent

Human agents are invaluable. The bot can transfer the interaction to an agent. When the human Agent takes over, the UI displays customer & device context, accessing the KB in real-time.
The BotExpert’s interface is equipped to ensure fast and efficient responses.

OneContact Flows

The narratives and flow of the chat bot are set up in OneContact Flows.
It’s a web-based drag-and-drop creator of IVR and bot flows. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require coding skills.
It’s possible to edit and refine the conversation paths of the bot. The changes can be applied immediately.

Meet our partner Collab

Collab is a Contact Center Software company with a strong heritage of innovation. It has been providing award-winning platforms to businesses of all sizes around the world for 15+ years. Its portfolio includes OneContact CC, OneContact WFO and OneContact Gamification and Artificial Intelligence powered modules. Learn more at

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