Device Intelligence will help you to understand the many devices connected to your network. With the Industry’s leading device identification rate, we use our extensive library of Type Allocation Codes (TACs) to resolve a make and model and provide advanced device information. From single devices to the whole population, we help our clients understand the device population and create uniquely personalised experiences for their customers and staff alike.

Why Use Device Intelligence?

Having a detailed understanding of the devices on your network is critical to ensuring that you are able to fully support all of your customers’ needs. Device Intelligence will allow you to ensure that you are able to offer full technical support to all of your customers, all of the time, quickly and efficiently. Keeping your customers happy will reduce overall training and support costs while also increasing customer satisfaction and retention. It will also give you invaluable business insights for identifying and acting on trends across your customer base.


Identify devices

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Full understanding


Personalise content

Key benefits:

Device Intelligence allows you to gain a full understanding of the devices connecting to your network and so help to ensure seamless experiences for your customers while giving you invaluable insights across your business. Device Intelligence has the industry’s leading device identification rate to resolve the make and model from IMEI. This includes network operator-ranged products as well as grey market devices arriving on the market via third parties. Key benefits include:


Counterfeit Detection

Detection and reporting of counterfeit IMEIs enables containment and management of unsupported devices


Comprehensive data

A schema of up to 450 device attributes for each make and model, covering hardware and software capabilities and functionality


Real-time access

Enables services and content to be personalised to the capabilities of each device in real time


Data analysis

Data gathered powers base-analysis to understand market penetration of devices and capabilities



All data is provided through a trust model, creating the most robust data repository in the industry

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The level and quality of the data gathered allows integrators to identify customer needs and trends and act on that information

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