With Device Management from WDS you can give your customers a flying start to their new mobile experience. Tailored messaging and automated device configuration make the whole experience of buying and getting started with a new device smooth and simple, delighting customers right from the word ‘go’.

What is Device Management?

Our Device Management systems ensure seamless customer experiences for all devices connected to your network. It will automatically detect when a new device arrives on the network and provision data services to get your customer up and running effortlessly, ensuring a smooth and simple introduction to their device and your network right out of the box. But it does’t end there – configuration of value-added services, management of firmware over-the-air and advanced diagnostics to keep customers safe, secure and up to date.


Automatic device detection


Ongoing device management

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Enhanced customer delight

Key benefits:

The WDS Device Management system allows the automatic detection of any new devices on your network, so they can be automatically configured and updated with minimal effort on the part of your customers, ensuring that their experience of connecting to and continuing to use your network is as simple and hassle-free as it can possibly be. However Device Management doesn’t stop there; continued monitoring allows for tailored content to be delivered direct to customers, driving sales and enhancing customer delight.


Automatic configuration

As soon as a new device connects to your network, the system knows and acts immediately


Equipment history

A history of equipment database ensures only newly-arriving devices are configured


Targeted promotions

Promotional messaging can be delivered that is specific to the device hardware, improving customer reach


Data analysis

Real-time device characteristics data can be gathered to enhance future services


Enhanced security

The ability to provide device-specific system updates ensures the best security at all times


Great reliability

The platform is deployed in a high speed/high availability environment, so continual updates are available for the latest devices

Features & Advantages

Features Advantages
Advanced Device Detection (ADD)
Automatic device identification & configuration for new devices arriving on the network.
Campaign Manager Perform bulk configurations to customer devices, ranging from a few thousands to 100,000+.
OnlineCare & Customer Care Device Configuration Providing custom branded self-care web tool for agents and end-users to perform quick and easy device setup.
Firmware Management Firmware lifecycle management, from regression testing services to OTA update.
VoLTE & VoWiFi Device Entitlement Server Android & iOS Subscriber authentication and remote, over-the-air configuration.
Equipment Identity Register (EIR) Protect subscribers and network against stolen, fraudulent and malfunctioning mobile devices.
Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Centralised device configuration with corporate policies for employees.
Safer Homeland Security Enablement through real-time device intelligence, big data and analytics.

Interested to know more about WDS Device Management?

Our Device Management platform is the best in the business and we know it can be a powerful tool for your network – get in touch to find out more about just how much of a difference it can make.

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