DeviceMine helps you to understand the mobile and cellular devices connected to your network or existing in your ecosystem. Our extensive library of Type Allocation Codes (TAC) will identify the device type, resolve a make and model, and provide extensive device capability information. We help our clients understand the device population and generate useful insight to answer questions like:

How powerful are the devices that my customers use?
How can I increase ARPU and reduce my support costs?
What models generate the most traffic on my network?
How many 5G devices are on my network?

Why Use DeviceMine?

Having a detailed understanding of the devices on your network is critical to ensuring that you can fully support all of your customers’ needs. Effective device detection and identification from TAC or IMEI is the first step in solving your device related problems. The DeviceMine solution will allow you to retrieve full device details for your customers all the time, quickly and efficiently.

Whether it is the screen size, memory capability or the RRP, our solution can provide the device information you need on tens of thousands of devices currently in the market; and build insights for identifying and acting on trends across your customer base.

Our solution covers every valid TAC or IMEI and we add 100’s of new devices every month, so you will always have the latest data on the newest devices. It can be hosted locally or available via an API. You have the flexibility to tailor the solution to fit your needs.


Identify devices from IMEI or TAC

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Full understanding


Personalise content

Key benefits:

DeviceMine provides key benefits for Network Operators (MNOs and MVNOs) and application developers, providing a full understanding of the devices using your service and helping to ensure a seamless customer experience, while giving you invaluable insights across your business.


Counterfeit Detection

Detection and reporting of counterfeit IMEI enables containment and management of unsupported devices


Comprehensive data

From IMEI or TAC, over 500 data points for each make and model, covering hardware and software capabilities and functionality


Real-time access

Personalise services and content based on the capabilities of each device in real time. Improving the customer experience.


Data analysis

Data gathered powers base data analysis to understand market penetration of devices and device capability



All DeviceMine data is provided through a trust model, creating the most robust device information repository in the industry

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The level and quality of the device information gathered in DeviceMine allows integrators to identify customer needs and trends then act on that information

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