RetailExpert provides up-to-date information for in-store device sales and walk-in support triage, plus a tablet optimised freeroam device simulation experience, so your customer-facing staff have all the information they need to engage and convert customers.

Why use RetailExpert?

Being able to answer customers’ questions quickly and accurately will help to put them at their ease and close more sales. Equally, having on-the-spot device support information will help to ensure that any technical queries can be resolved in the shortest time possible, so increasing customer satisfaction and retention. Device knowledge — for both staff and customers — is increased, while overall customer support costs are decreased.


Increase Sales


Reduced in-store support costs

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Increased product knowledge

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Increase Customer Satisfaction

Key benefits:

RetailExpert offers a fully integrated device support platform that can be fully integrated into your CMS via an API. This ensures that in-store staff can quickly and easily access all of the technical information for a given device, making them into instant experts. Key benefits of using Retail Expert include:



Continuous analysis of the questions your customers are asking to ensure the answer is always available



Access to the latest devices and solutions, ensuring customers are making informed decisions



Detailed specifications and capabilities of devices are available quickly and easily


Virtual Device Guides

Rotate a virtual device and experience a simulation of the User Interface



Two-way feedback loop between sales advisor and knowledge team ensures continual updates



Tested, validated support content with a SLA to ensure the correct answers are always available

How is this achieved?
  • Turns anyone on the retail team into an expert
  • Increases engagement via unique experiences
  • Reduces the time spent supporting customers
  • Generate insights into customer behaviour
  • Identify devices that are generating the most interest
  • Understand customer engagement by store location
  • Ensures customers Walk Out Working

Features & Advantages

Features Advantages
Improvements to key target metrics
  • Call Deflection (+CD)
  • Sales Conversions
  • Customer Satisfaction (+CST)
  • Employee satisfaction (+ESAT)
Knowledge types
  • Device knowledge
  • How to guides
  • Walkthrough guides
  • FAQs
  • Device specifications
  • Troubleshooting guides
  • Decision flows
  • Virtual device
Analytics & Insight
  • Web based dashboard for management information and insight
  • Analysts focused on identifying emerging or trending customer experience issues
Underpinned by knowledge management process
  • Proactive knowledge production ensuring availability at first contact
  • Evergreen knowledge management throughout device and service lifecycle to maintain relevance

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