Conform to the most demanding homeland security requirements

Mobile devices have multiplied their functionality on a large scale and the amount of information generated by their use has increased considerably. Safer provides the intelligence to capture this data and displays it on a detailed map, enabling mobile service providers to cost-efficiently conform to security requirements. Our flexible solution aims to match all the service provider’s needs which are available through Cloud, On-premises, and a Virtualized Application.

Key benefits:

Comply to Homeland Security Requirements

Save Your Homeland Security Adherence Costs

Offer Better Support to Law Enforcement Authorities

Save care costs

Real-time customer insight to save Customer Care costs

Offer right services

Automate service activation

Voices and communication services In millions of devices

Collect and Store Data

Sicap Safer collects and stores triplet (MSISDN, IMEI, IMSI) change data from mobile devices including device location and device characteristics data.

Search and Locate

Search and locate devices and device owners in real-time, and view location history, on a global, graphical electronic map.

View Subscribers and Devices

For authorized users Safer provides access to view various properties of device users such as the name, device changes, location history, partner devices, number of subscribers in nearby locations

Collaborative Tool

Safer is a collaborative tool providing a secure remote access for various stakeholders such as operator, police, national and international investigation organizations, with different user-rights.

Trigger Alert Notifications

Safer provides authorized users automatic push alerts on SMS and email at configurable events such as device change, owner change, SIM change and location change.

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