Testing as a Service is a mobile/cellular device testing service aimed at Network Operators, OEMs and Software Providers to facilitate bespoke testing activities, perhaps at short notice, that could not be efficiently performed by internal testing teams. Our team have more than 25 years experience of device testing – experience that enables a rapid and flexible response tailored to your testing needs.

Why use WDS Testing as a Service?

The Testing as a Service (TaaS) solution is intended to provide a flexible, agile device testing service that can replace or enhance an internal testing team.

We have more than 25 years’ experience of bespoke device testing with major OEMs working in conjunction with major network operators. Our test engineers have extensive knowledge of designing test plans, conducting methodical functional testing, providing iterative feedback and detailed test results.

Testing as a Service can help with assurance testing, verifying device functionality and behaviour,  confirming device capabilities,  assessing the user experience and validating device compliance with strict requirements to achieve network certification.


Certify device behaviour

Confirm a device is fully compliant with Network or OEM requirements.


Firmware Updates

Ensure Firmware updates function as expected every time.


Verify Functionality and User Experince

Making sure that devices behave as expected and provide an optimal experience

Device Testing problems TaaS will solve

You may have a testing team that needs some extra input, or a project that requires a fast turnaround. TaaS can supplement your testing output or provide a longer term fix for a testing need. More than 25 years’ device testing experience means you are guarenteed a quality output from test engineers with a wealth of experience.



How can I improve the User Experience when setting up an e-Sim device?


New Services and Functionality

OTT, IMS, VoLTE or VoWiFi – whatever is required, TaaS can check it works as expected.



How can I ensure devices are safe and secure but still easy to use?

Assurance Testing

Assuring the product experience through test cycles in the context of the network and application.

End-to-end testing services including consulting, strategy development, execution and reporting.

Providing a unique right-sourcing model, bringing together the specialist domain knowledge, tools and methodologies across diverse standards delivered from centres of excellence across 4 continents.

Interested to know more about Testing as a Service?

Testing as a Service can replace or enhance your in-house testing capabilites – get in touch today to find out how we can help support your requirements.

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