Unlock monetization on free services

Turn services into revenue opportunities. Start to capitalize on free spaces with low-cost and high-reach advertisements displayed while subscribers navigate through the USSD menu. Upgrade your commercial relationships by offering advertisers an efficient way to reach their target audience and accelerating the return on investment (ROI). 

Key benefits:

Carrier Grade Robustness

Proven reliability, performance and scalability

Customer Autonomy

Customer Service & IVR Call reduction

Infrastructure Savings

No roaming Interconnection costs


Menu personalization based on subscriber segment


Single access point for all services

Premium Services

Selected options available under flexible charging


Available without data


Available in roaming offering the same user experience like at home

Multiple Gadgets

Available on all handsets


Billing and personal data protection

Main Use Cases

USSD Menu Browser (UMB) enables subscribers to choose the service they require, from prepaid credit checks and top-ups to subscription options and information services such as weather reports, and finance, as well as the ability to contact subscribers in a short time through the USSD channel.

Mobile Banking

Check your account, money transfer, and pay bills

Promotions and Campaigns

Network initiated, personalized campaigns and interactive promotions

Self Care

Balance information, recharge, configure voice mailbox, and tariff plans

Additional Services

USSD-based prepaid roaming, Pay4Me (collect calls), Credit Transfer, Voting Services, Vending Machine Payments


Sport, weather, horoscopes, news, and stocks updates


Users can purchase: Ringtones, Music files, Games, Applications, News content, and Promotions information

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