Why You Should Be Using DeviceMine

To create the best experience for all users interacting with your business, it’s important to identify which devices are being used and how best to interact with them. Effective device detection and identification is the first step towards meeting this challenge.

Introducing DeviceMine

DeviceMine helps you identify and understand the devices connected to your network, or present in your ecosystem.

Using our constantly updated device knowledge and extensive library of Type Allocation Codes (TACs), we’re able to identify the device type, resolve the make and model, and provide advanced device information.

Whether it’s screen size, storage capacity, 5G capabilities or the recommended retail price (RRP), our solution can provide the data to understand the capabilities of tens of thousands of devices and help solve the problems your customers are facing.

It covers any valid TAC or IMEI, and we add hundreds of new devices every month, so you will always have the latest data on the newest devices.

With our DeviceMine solution, you can use this data to tailor services based upon the capabilities of your customers’ devices and streamline your processes to retrieve full device details quickly and efficiently at any time.

Additional information about our solution:
  • Identify​: We hold extensive data on thousands of devices, backed by GSMA TAC data and we have met the device identification requirements of leading brands, worldwide, for over 20 years
  • Understand​: With up to 450+ attributes per device, DeviceMine enables network/portfolio planning, upgrade marketing & customer insight
  • Personalise​: DeviceMine enables real-time personalization of content and services based on target device capabilities

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